For us a sustainable beauty brand is a brand that respect nature , our planet and ultimately , us as individuals . A sustainable beauty brand is a brand that selects ingredients not only for their performance and quality but also making sure these have been growned , sourced and farmed ethically , organically and locally.. or at least one of those !

Yes because perfection in sustainability is not as simple . A sustainable brand is often exposed to so many challenges and very often these means compromising ( We can talk about this topic in another blog post!)

But let's get back to how a sustainable beauty brand works vs a commercial beauty brand ..


We briefly talked about ingredients but let's also say a sustainable brand will also select their ingredients making sure these are cruelty free, vegan and 100% natural. So why vegan and sustainability are so connected ?

We are looking at the beauty industry at 360 degrees when we add the word sustainable to it . And veganism plays a big role in sustainability ! Animal agriculture is one of the main causes of climate change so vegan cosmetics plays an important role indeed!


And what about the packaging ? a thoughtful packaging is another key element in sustainable beauty , often a very though one ! Why ? there are different factors that define a packaging ecofriendly : the materials , how was made , who made it and where is from ... all of these factors needs to be taken into consideration (and within a certain budget which often it's so challenging !) . A sustainable brand should always produce it's packaging locally and ethically, plastic free and free from toxic ingredients !

Sustainable cosmetics are products which have been designed and produced respecting the planet ,  the workers and the final customer . 
And you? what kind of beauty industry would you like to support?
Thanks for reading,
Laura x