Our new showroom in Barcelona – Nooda Organics

Our new showroom in Barcelona

I have long wanted to create a space just for Nooda.  And finally, it is a reality!

The new showroom is first and foremost a space dedicated to our customers. A physical place that helps people better understand who and what Nooda is, because it gives people the chance to touch the products and try them on.

Laura in the new Nooda showroom

For me it's a nice change, because it enables me to be more creative, immersed within a space that is entirely Nooda, Before that, I worked between coffee shops and my home, where there was no more room for shampoos and soaps.

I wanted the rooms to embody the perfectly imperfect soul of Nooda. The walls and floor are an interplay of finished and unfinished, representing the beauty of imperfections that make everything special and unique.

Nature takes centre stage and expresses our respect for our planet. Some of the plants are beautiful creations of my friend Maikey who, with her project Fedra, creates these fantastic compositions in which the plant soil is enclosed in a layer of moss.

Nooda showroom

The furnishings are also made of natural materials, such as the chandelier made of rice paper, the shelves and the chairs made of wood and bamboo, and with their curved lines, they recall the harmony of women's bodies.

There is also a modern touch in all this, such as the lights with metal tubing, the concrete floor and walls and other minimalist details that complement the natural elements, producing a contrast of styles, materials and shapes that are the essence of Nooda, a contemporary brand that appeals to people with a young and modern mentality.

This showroom is not just a shop but an experiential space in which to engage people. We will soon be resuming our workshops here, which will also be held in collaboration with other small businesses that share the same ethics and values as Nooda.

 Nooda showroom

Barcelona is where I live and the place I love. Opening Nooda's showroom in the Born neighbourhood has a special meaning. It is one of the most creative places in the city, here you can meet people with very different backgrounds, speaking different languages . Here I feel at home. It is a multi-ethnic neighbourhood where different cultures meet and create something unique just like Nooda.

Pop in to visit! We are at Carrer dels Flassaders 34, 08003 Barcelona.

With love,