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Experiences: Jazmin Eyssartier and the world of botanical perfumes

On 7 May, the Nooda workshops started again, with a fantastic day dedicated to botanical perfumes at our Showroom in Barcelona. Leading the class was our guest Jazmin Eyssartier, natural perfume expert and founder of Inspira. It was an exciting experience. In this interview, we get to know Jazmin and her world better.

Hi Jazmin, can you tell us a little about yourself? What do you do and what has been your path?

My name is Jazmin Eyssartier and I am a gardener by profession. My connection with nature comes from as far back as I can remember. Since 2016 I lead this wonderful project of Botanical Perfumery offering my own elaborations and I have been giving training for a year and a half with a success that makes me very excited!
I am very curious and that makes me always exploring new areas. I studied alchemy (plant spagyrics) and I am currently attending a Master in Aromatherapy and Aromachology, but I am always very self-taught, reading and putting into practice everything I learn.


When and why did you decide to found Inspira?

The Inspira project was born 10 years before giving it a name and making it known. It was a personal process of searching and self-knowledge (it still is) of a lot of reading and practice. My house suddenly became a laboratory full of colourful jars and herbs, without realizing it!
While working on my gardening business at the same time I started making perfumes for my close people and between their comments and my practice, it went from personal research to a possible project to share with the world. When I was a child, my mother Liliana, having knowledge of aromatherapy among others, created a line of perfumes. I think that partly seeing how she immersed herself in this world was the seed that planted my interest to investigate and follow my own path; by the way, she was very very good at the subject.

What do you propose with Inspira?

The proposal in Inspira is to open a door, to go through this world of the most primary and ancient sense that is the smell, to discover the impact that aromas have in our brains, in our emotions, in the benefits they have besides smelling exquisite. Aromas can be so silent that we are not sufficiently aware of their effects. They can be an effective tool to travel in time, to connect us with beauty, to transmute our energy at any moment we choose... to enjoy the present moment! Of course, because the scent invites us to connect with the present.

What does the word Inspira mean to you?

It is that which expands you and arrives at the right moment, neither before nor after, it lives in the now, it is clear and simple at the same time. It is that pause, that connection with all your subtle and physical bodies: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT united.
It oxygenates, cleanses and charges with energy everything it touches. It invites you to choose new paths and ways of seeing. It invites you to choose as many times as you feel. It takes you by the hand with love.
Life is a great adventure full of challenges, let's not be afraid and let inspiration surprise us. The great purpose of this perfumery project is to bring more LIGHT into your life.

How do you create your perfumes?

Wow, a simple question and difficult to answer briefly, I'll try...
Perfumery is partly science, chemistry and art...there are things we can measure, we can give an understanding but then there is another part that has to do more with intuition, with awakening deep senses, sensations, and memories.
Like a painter, first you create the sketch in soft strokes, then you visualize the colours and start mixing them. There begins a process of expansion and contraction and then you get to contemplation and then you finally make the decision if the work is finished or if you have to do something else.

Are Inspira's perfumes just perfumes or do they have special effects on people?

Yes, of course, perfumes have a purpose, or rather, they are an invitation to connect with you and with the scents of nature. So, the purpose or meaning is given by each one personally. Scents evoke, invite, but in fact, we are all different and the impact that the same aroma has on each one of us is different. Why? Because we come from different families with different experiences and memories, cultures, countries, all that makes our perception of life varied.
Since we are born, we capture smells and store them in our brain as if it were an aromatic library and those aromas are related to emotions and perceptions of reality. And this is how we describe the functioning of our limbic system. There is no other way to go through our limbic system than through smell. Did you know that the memories we evoke through sight represent 5%, hearing 2%, taste 15% and through smell 35%? What impact do you think smell has on your daily life? 80% of the sense of taste is due to smell. That is why people who lose their sense of smell for an indeterminate period of time or have anosmia cannot taste.

On Sunday [7th May '23] you gave a workshop in Nooda's Showroom, how did it go?

Laura is a beautiful person and a great hostess! I felt really at home. It was an honour to inaugurate the workshop space in the store, I love the beginning of proposals that promise unique experiences! And that is what will be lived in your store, in each workshop that is presented.
The workshop was a success, the participants were very attentive and with incredible energy, many curious people walking through the labyrinthine streets of the Born, came in to ask what was happening inside!

What did the participants do and learn?

The participants learned to elaborate with their own hands and the knowledge acquired, their first chord, a simple perfume that shows you that with 3 or 4 different aromas you can create a new aroma! Learning the way to elaborate it, taking into account the most compatible combinations, proportions, and materials. Not only the recipes but the art is involved!
They were able to make a tasting of 12 different essential oils, 4 for each note of the olfactory pyramid (output, heart and base), also 10 botanical tinctures and hydrolats... 3 different ways of smelling... The workshop is more than you can imagine! I invite you to come and discover it.

How would you describe this collaboration between Inspira and Nooda?

Some time ago we had talked about doing something together since we both like each other's projects. I think the synergy that unites us is also the vision we have in choosing what we use in our lives and the impact it has on the environment.

Have you used Nooda products? What do you think of them?

I am currently using the Nooda shampoo (Purify me) I love it! The mint scent is extremely refreshing and leaves my scalp free of impurities. I love the formulas of Nooda products, the packaging is beautiful and now I'm going to use it to take my shampoo on the road.
Entering the physical store is a sensory and visual experience with the delicacy that has been designed, the minimalism and the pastel colours and lighting, it is beautiful. You enter another dimension.

What is beauty for you?

Beauty for me, in order to be seen or perceived, consists in achieving a state of internal coherence and balance on a mental, energetic, corporal and spiritual level. Above all, to achieve that subtle and necessary connection with the spirit that is the most authentic thing in us.
When we can outwardly reflect all that internal movement (in our actions, our words, our practices and habits, our physical and nutritional care, our hobbies). Have you ever experienced that when you feel coherent, fulfilled or you are doing a task that makes you feel alive, someone has said to you: "you look radiant, you look beautiful"? Well, that's where beauty is present.