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Solid Cosmetics : The advantages

The advantages of solid cosmetics are various and these benefits are not only for you but for the planet too!

Imagine a bottle of shampoo and a shampoobar .

What do you see ? 

I see two different volumes  and packaging . The bottle of shampoo is bigger and heavier with a pack that is tipically plastic , glass or aluminium . The shampoobar is light and smaller with minimal and generally speaking ecofriendly packaging . This has a huge impact on the enviroment!

And why is that ?

Transportation and Packaging waste ! Imagine a palet of shampoobars and a palet of bottled shampoos .. I will be able to transport much more shampoobars then bottled shampoos in the same palet scale ..therefore I will produce less Co2 emissions by transporting shampoobars then bottled shampoos and of course , this applies to any other cosmetic product when we look at it in a solid vs a liquid form .


In terms of packaging we obviously reduce it drammatically with shampoobars . 

As we are talking about shampoobars I also want to breifly talk about the concentration of product in a solid shampoo vs a liquid one . Shampoobars have a higher concentration , they infact last much longer then a bottle of shampoo . Tipically , a shampoobar of about 80gr will last you 3 times more then a 250ml bottle of shampoo ! That means you can order your shampoo less frequently and that's another additional advantage when we look at our footprint .

Another enviromental advanatge is WATER . In solid cosmetic products we use a very low % of H2O (if any) so less waste of water than in liquid products where water is a key ingredient .

If you are new to solid cosmetic it may seems hard to think of a new skincare and haircare routine packaging free ..but the way you apply shampoo, soapbars and more is very straightforward and you will get used to it in a blink of an eye !

Solid cosmetics are practical,  perfect for travelling, ecofriendly and when compared to liquid cosmetic products of similar components and propreties even more affordable considering how long this will last you.  

To conclude.. buy less but better ! Be the change you want to see .

I hope you'll find this post useful and if there is anything you want to add or ask please leave me a comment !

Laura x