In today's post I want to take you back from where everything started with Nooda.

A few years ago after having my kids and living the busy London life I've started realising how much time I was spending on shopping I didn't need , I've started thinking at all the stuff I was collecting in my little apartment in Balham and how much I was wasting in terms of stuff and time too ... Climate change was a subject that started to worry me and with the kids growing up this topic was saddenly becoming a real concern . 

Until I've decided to analyse my behaviour , what I really needed in life and how I could contribute to make my life and the planet a better one . 

I've started realising I had everything I needed already so I literally stopped buying stuff and decided to make the most of what I had in my closet, bathroom ext..  




I spent months and months without buying new clothes and instead selling the ones I didn't want anymore , donating what I could and giving another chance to those ones that simply needed some love and mending ! After years I've managed to create a timeless closet which I am so proud of!  Today , I buy less but better . I only buy clothes I need and I know they will last forever and I always make sure these are sustainably made if not vintage . 

But what was so hard to believe was the state of my bathroom . I had a ridiculus amount of stuff I didn't need , make up I barely used , nail polishes of any kind , lots of plastic packaging and It was really hard to go through everything and admit I only needed a 20% of what I had in front of me. 

I've started separating the stuff I needed with the stuff I didn't need and the stuff I might of needed . Yes because sometimes it's hard to decide and zero waste living is a process .. we can't change our bathrooms and lifestyles in one go !

I donated the bathroom items I didn't need which were still in good conditions to my mum and close friends . I then left in a box the stuff I might of needed so I could make sure I didn't find them useful in the upcoming weeks and started to take care at what I thought I still needed . 

I slowly realised I only needed few but really good products to make a great skincare and haircare routine and before buying anything new I had to finish what I already had . I couldn't wait to finish everything to switch to sustainable and reusable options such as natural and organic products , solid cosmetics and plastic free packaging but we got there eventually and today I honestly could not imagine myself living the way I used to . 

Today , I feel happier with less .

If you are thinking to start this zero waste living journey  I can reassure you is the best thing you could do for many reasons but before anything ,for yourself. 

If you need any advice or you want to give some eco tips to this wonderful community we are growing here at Nooda Organics , leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading ,

With Love ,



Pictures taken by my personal Instagram page @laurasimpleliving